When is the Toronto Catering Showcase?

Glad you asked! The 2020 Toronto Catering Showcase is currently TBA. 

Where is the Toronto Catering Showcase?
The Toronto Catering Showcase will be held at the oh-so-conveniently-located Globe & Mail Centre (351 King Street East-Level 17, Toronto, Ontario). You can check out the space here.
How can I buy tickets to the Toronto Catering Showcase?

We thought you’d never ask! Please note that EventBrite is the only authorized ticketing vendor for the Toronto Catering Showcase. In other words, don’t go buying tickets from weirdos in dark alleys.

What’s included with my ticket?
Everything! No drink tickets, no purchase upgrades, no admission fees… Your ticket will provide you with entry into the Toronto Catering Showcase and all the food and drinks (including wine and beer). So leave your wallet at home and head down with an empty stomach, your favourite selfie stick and your ticket!
Are tickets refundable?
All tickets are non-refundable and considered final sale.
How old do you need to be to enter the Toronto Catering Showcase?
Since we will be serving alcohol at the event, you must be 19 years of age or older to enter. Please note that all guests will need to have valid government issued identification to be permitted into the venue.
Can I bring my child/baby/infant/toddler to the event?

Don’t get us wrong, we love kids as much as the next guy, but the showcase is designed for the enjoyment of grown-ups. Looks like you’ll have to call in that favour from your mother-in-law.

Will there be any cannabis products available at the Toronto Catering Showcase?

That’s a negative. The venue does not allow smoking on its property. Similarly, at the time of this writing, cannabis edibles are not yet legal in the Province of Ontario. Our sponsor High Bar will be on site to provide you all the info you’ll ever need to know about the future of cannabis at events.

Which Caterers will be part of the Toronto Catering Showcase?
We’ve got a rock-solid roster of 12 of the most awesome catering companies lined up for you. Check out the “The Caterers” link at the top of the page.
What kind of food will be served at the event?
The Caterers are here to please and have been asked to come up with unique, delectable, mouth-watering dishes for you to sample. If you’re thinking party sandwiches, poutine and grilled cheese, you’ll be coming to the wrong show.
I am allergic to certain foods such as nuts. Will there be something for me?
Many dishes will not contain nuts; however, be advised that neither the caterers nor the venue can guarantee food preparation in a nut free environment.
How about gluten and or vegetarian options?
You’re dealing with the best of the best! Rest assured, many of the caterers will feature gluten-free and vegetarian options of their dishes. We’ve got something for everyone!
Will I leave hungry?
Not a chance! We have purposely limited the number of tickets we are selling for this event to ensure that all of our guests can fully enjoy the event. No huge crowds, we promise! Just an afternoon of pure indulgence.
Will there be entertainment?

Oh ya! We want to provide you with a wonderful day of food and libations!

Is there parking at the venue?
Yes, plenty of Green P in the hood plus the venue is very accessible by transit. A quick PSA: please arrange alternate transportation methods or a designated driver if you plan on drinking. Complimentary valet service courtesy of Adagio Valet will also be available.
Can I leave the venue then come back in?
Unfortunately, no. Once you have exited the Toronto Catering Showcase, you will no longer be permitted back in. Please note that this will be strictly enforced so no funny business.
Is smoking permitted on site?
No, smoking is not allowed in the Toronto Catering Showcase.

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